Al Qaida is fake

Reason why I (and other people around the world believe that so called Al Qaeda in Iraq is fake. I believe that Al Qaida is general is fake, phony. U.S. Bitish, or israeli special forces trying to divide muslims and turn the worlds public opinion against the resistance, not just muslims, but resistance to their invasions and attacks.

Monday, March 20, 2006

What About that fake Al Qaida Tape?

What about that fake Al Qaida tape? You know, the one with a grainy picture of some one supposed to look Bin Laden. He was supposedly bragging about Sept. 11 with some mysterious sheikh, who later surrendered to american forces and pleaded with the mujahideen around the world to stop fighting? The one where they supposedly gas a little puppy. Why arent they talking about this "horrible" and "evil" tape anymore?

Look at the pictures and tell me, is this Bin Laden? I dont believe so. So where did the video come from, and why would some one want to fake such a thing.?


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