Al Qaida is fake

Reason why I (and other people around the world believe that so called Al Qaeda in Iraq is fake. I believe that Al Qaida is general is fake, phony. U.S. Bitish, or israeli special forces trying to divide muslims and turn the worlds public opinion against the resistance, not just muslims, but resistance to their invasions and attacks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The U.S. in Palestine: Attempt One

The U.S. tried to set HAMAS up by "Al Qaida" supposedly offering HAMAS its help. This would have been the perfect excuse to distance people further from HAMAS and isolate them, giving the U.S. the perfect excuse to send troops into Palestine. I'm not saying this is what the american people want. This is what Bush and his regime wants. This is another Crusade that will end like all of the other Crusades before it. This man really believes his god wants him to do this and that he was chosen for this!


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