Al Qaida is fake

Reason why I (and other people around the world believe that so called Al Qaeda in Iraq is fake. I believe that Al Qaida is general is fake, phony. U.S. Bitish, or israeli special forces trying to divide muslims and turn the worlds public opinion against the resistance, not just muslims, but resistance to their invasions and attacks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Abu Hamza photo

What about the case of the Egyptian cleric in Britain, Abu Hamza Al Masri? For the longest time the U.S. had a retouched photo of and even used his nameon their list of most wanted "terrorists". They said he was a so called Al Qaida "lieutenant" and an expert bomb maker. They claim the man they supposedly killed or captured was different than the Sheik, but some how had the same name and same photo, even though the photo had been modified a little. No one accidentally modifies a photogragh in such a way. I notices immediately after seeing the picture of the Sheik on the U.S. list of most wanted "Al Qaida terrorists". I told every one I knew that they were using the same photo and name of the cleric in Britain. A couple days later the story aired on the news. But what about the U.S. intelligence agencies? Are they that stupid or can one say that it was done dileberately? The photo was obviously doctored up. They used the exact same name as the cleric, but why? To what end? What purpose would it serve?

A couple of years ago, U.S. intelligence was caught doing the same thing. A photo of an Arab man was taken out of either the news paper or off the inernet, and the U.S. said it was a most wated "Al Qaida" terrorist that they had either killed or captured and paraded the mans photo every where. Come to find out the man is very much alive, not a member of "Al Qaida", and had never seen any american forces before. The photo they used came straight from a newspaper.


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