Al Qaida is fake

Reason why I (and other people around the world believe that so called Al Qaeda in Iraq is fake. I believe that Al Qaida is general is fake, phony. U.S. Bitish, or israeli special forces trying to divide muslims and turn the worlds public opinion against the resistance, not just muslims, but resistance to their invasions and attacks.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unity is key for Muslims.

I call for and will always call for muslims (and non-muslims) to unite against the invaders. What group of muslims wants to start a war between Sunni and Shiite? What group of muslims push for war between sects as opposed to unity and fighting invaders? Who would benifit from civil war in Iraq? Not the Iraqis. The americans and british would. Why would and mujahideen purposly blow up a mosque of any type? What about a Hindu temple? Give India nuclear technology and better know how one day, a few days later the holiest site of the Hidus gets bombed? Come on! These people want you to fight one another. They want India to fight Pakistan. The want Sunni to fight Shiite in Iraq, while they sit back in fortified bases and watch T.V. These same nations and peoples have historically tried to get people to fight amoung each other in such a way. The British did it with the native tribes of america, and Africans, so did the French. The Spanish did it with tribes in south and central america... teaming up with one tribe so they could fight against another or all others. Putting the minority in power like the Belgians did in Rwanda, and you see what happened! The Portuguese did it in Angola, and Mozambique. The white South Africans did it in South Africa and Namibia. The american did it in Vietnam. What people have a long history of doing things like this?


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